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WeighFit Activity Tracker Review  


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WeighFit Activity Tracker Review


Part 1: WeighFit Review

Manufacturer: WeightNot
Price: $4 (Dollarama)
Functions: activity counter (steps), sleep tracker, distance tracker, calories burned

This is the first part of a two part series on the WeighFit activity tracker and investigation into WeightNot. Part 2 attempts is an investigation of WeightNot.

The WeighFit is an “activity tracker” by a weight loss company called “WeightNot”, WeightNot is located in Bethesda Maryland.

I recently purchased this little gizmo from the discount Goliath known as Dollarama. The product was presented in a nice box, something that seems like it would be locked up in a glass cabinet next to the Chromecasts, so I immediately knew it wasn’t typical dollar store inventory...


Inside the WeighFit box: comes with a bracelet, a belt clip, the WeighFit itself, an instruction booklet and a 22 cm charging USB cable.

The WeighFit is small (9 grams) activity tracker, that functions as a basic pedometer, sleep tracker and does some basic calories burned calculation, and goal tracker.

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