Booty Hole Troll by GucciBerry (AKA Brian Waterberry) Lyrics and Biography

Booty Hole Troll by GucciBerry (AKA Brian Waterberry)  is finally out!

What are the lyrics to Booty Hole Troll?

[Female voice intro]
Oooh Gucci Berry, King Colon Crusher, 
Oh daddy, my bootyhole hurts.

[GucciBerry starts]
I’m the bootyhole troll,
I’m the bootyhole troll,
I’m the bootyhole troll,
Big bread I fold,

I’m the bootyhole troll,
I’m the bootyhole troll,
I’m the bootyhole troll,
Big bread I fold!

I’m the bootyhole troll,
Big bread I fold,
Your jaw I stole,
Bitch fuck what you’re told,

I’m the bootyhole troll,
Big bread I fold,
Your jaw I stole,
Bitch fuck what you’re told,

[What are you doing Brian]
Everyday doing big fucking globs,
Big fat motherfucking toothless slob,
But hey, don’t get it twisted
Your mother’s large intestine got rearranged and shifted

By the one they call Big Berry!
Shave your booty hole if it’s hairy!
I fixed your mom’s cable, Jim Carrey!
Mary, Mary, Mary, quite contrary!

I can still fuck her if she’s married!
Booty hole, booty hole, booty hole troll
Booty hole, booty hole, booty hole troll
Booty hole, booty hole, booty hole troll
Booty hole, booty hole, booty hole troll

People hating in my fucking comment section,
While I’m on the couch with their mom and my erection,
Little Berry’s standing tall at attention,
Pull them drawers down and get this bootyhole inspection,

[Female voice]
“Damn Daddy you a legend”

No I’m the colon crusher,
your mother’s secret lover!
Whiskey and the mud,
I’m a country brother,
I’ll settle for that pussy,
but I’m a booty fucker

bootyhole, bootyhole, bootyhole,

I’m the bootyhole troll,
Big bread I fold,
Your jaw I stole,
Bitch fuck what you’re told,

I’m the bootyhole troll,
Big bread I fold,
Your jaw I stole,
Bitch fuck what you’re told,

I’m the bootyhole troll,
I’m the bootyhole troll,
I’m the bootyhole troll,
Big bread I fold!

I’m the bootyhole troll,
I’m the bootyhole troll,
I’m the bootyhole troll,
Big bread I fold!


Big bread I fold!

Big bread I fold!

—End of song—-

Today I want to talk about GucciBerry! The rapper you haven’t heard of yet but will soon. The booty hole troll:


First and foremost, he puts out a prolific amount of “shareable” content, mostly of him getting tazed, maced, and kicked in the nuts. Or as he would say, “Swing to the sack Sunday”.

Hailing from the small town of Fenton, Michigan. Not too far from our old Canadian HQ!

His name on Youtube and Facebook is  Brian Waterberry, here is an example of his very shareable content:

booty hole troll gucciberry
And here’s some more:

booty hole troll gucciberry
There is a 100% chance this guy will start popping up all over the internet in the next 6 months to a year.  I mean, the guy is tazing himself for 563 views? That’s dedication. Clearly he  has the long-term vision to make some really creative content. He’s also a really likeable character. You know, I could see him hosting his own Jackass style show where people tazed, maced and hit in the balls. Maybe call it something like, Ow My Balls?

He ended up on my radar because @DrewToonz made a couple comics about him:

Here is the snippet of his song Booty Hole Troll that GucciBerry just released on June 14th:

I really think 2018 is Brian Waterberry’s year to blow up.

As of July 2018, he already has almost 60,000 followers, and among them are comedian Tom Segura and cartoonist DrewToonz.


booty hole troll gucciberry tom segura drewtoonz

Here’s a youtube video from Leon Lush in March 2018  catching on to the #MulletGangCEO:

GucciBerry just seems very savvy, driven, and somewhat unstoppable. With the old media’s gatekeepers made irrelevant by the connectivity of the internet, more and more barbarians like Riff Raff and GucciBerry will storm the walls and make their mark online without needing anyone’s approval. They even rock the same combo of ridiculous tattoos and  confusing hair.

Stay tuned to his instagram (@TheGucciBerry) for announcements of  more music.

Have fun out there,
-MoonChimps Media

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Why is Cash Dat Kush The Best Rapper In Canada in 2018?

Cash Dat Kush is the best rapper in Canada. Why? Read to find out.

What’s up guys, Jonny here from MoonChimps Media.

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve written a few rap-related articles on the site, mostly because it’s all I’ve listened to for years haha.

I mostly listen to stuff from Houston and Atlanta,but since I’m heading home on vacation in a few weeks, I thought I’d check out the local scene and see who’s still doing it.

There have been a lot of rappers from my hometown who’ve come and gone in the past ten years. Probably because it’s a border town -it’s right beside Detroit. Most rappers only stick around for one or two features and then they disappear.

Cash Dat Kush has been a constant presence in the Windsor, Ontario scene, putting out 4 independent mixtapes without a major label. (And a fifth one, Vault, coming soon)

Deadly Touch (May 2014)
Cash Dat Moula (August 2014)
Westside Crack (May 2015)
Squaaad Life (May 2017)

Without a doubt, in my opinion, Pack In is his best song ever:

I mean, that shit is just catchy.

But, that song is three years old. The real reason I’m writing this bias-assed review, is because he’s a good marketer. He downloaded our free android app Mike’s Escape, right. It’s a free app, no cost to him. He played it for five minutes, and recorded his gameplay. That’s easy too. I did the same shit last week. Then he cut the audio and put his new song Believe Dat as the audio instead. And posted it to Instagram:

Come on, that’s just good marketing right there.

If you want the full version of #BelieveDat, you can see it on his youtube here:

Stay tuned for his new mixtape Vault. I’m sure I’ll write a review when it comes out.

And if you want to download our free Android app Mike’s Escape, just click right here.

Have fun out there,
-MoonChimps Media

What happened to Mike Jones?

What happened to Mike Jones?

Last December I was bored, so I took the VIA Rail from Windsor to Toronto to catch up with one of my buddies and spend the weekend in Toronto.

While the scenery from the train window was nice, I got a little bored (The eternal struggle). Luckily VIA Rail trains have free wifi. I had an infamous Mike Jones song stuck in my head (Turning Lane), so I wondered what he was up to in 2016. It took a little digging, and I found his Money Train mixtape which was relatively new at the time.

Most people, at least in Canada, still haven’t heard it. But it does have some gems on it, a couple of the songs are great to draw the Moon Chimps comics to.

Great Song #1)
Mike Jones – I Remember – Money Train Mixtape:

I used to sell CDs out my trunk tryin’ to make it
They ain’t wanna see me go platinum, so I had to take it
Ninety percent grind, ten percent sleep
You don’t work, you don’t eat

You can listen here.

#2) Another great song to draw comics to is “Trappin”, you can listen to it here. I like it because it’s repetitive and it says:

Trappin’ all day by the store
Gotta make the money make more money

About a million times. It’s good to listen to if you’re trying to get into “the zone” while drawing.

#3) My third pick from the Money Train mixtape would be “If I had to pick.” You can listen to it here.

It’s now been over a year since I found that mixtape, and I started listening to it again. I’ve liked it a lot better recently than I did when I first found it.

When I was asking around for one-hit-wonders for the last article, doing some informal polling, the name Mike Jones came up a couple times. People who aren’t…rap music connoisseurs can easily think that Soulja Boy and Mike Jones have respectively retired after their radio hits years and years ago. It’s pretty natural to assume.

On Twitter, Mike Jones has 260,000 followers. But his engagement is super low, which adds to the “one hit wonder” impression some people have.

While his twitter presence is less than expected, 200K+followers is still pretty solid. Maybe he’s just not from the “twitter generation”. His come-up had nothing to do with retweets,  his self-promotion was shouting out his cell phone number. Which was, if you recall, two eight one three three oh eight zero zero fo’. I said, 281-330-8004. Hit Mike Jones up on tha low cuz Mike Jones about to blow.

In 2018, is Mike Jones truly about to blow?

Well, it seems pretty obvious from his tweet on February 24th, 2017 that he is working on a second Money Train mixtape, called Money Train Reloaded 2017. I know I’ll be downloading it once I see it comes out . I always need new music for the gym.  If it’s no good, I’ll just delete. But I doubt it’ll be that bad. His first Money Train mixtape was pretty decent.

If you don’t remember Mike Jones from 2004,  his radio hits were:

Back Then

Still Tippin (Featuring Slim Thug and Paul Wall)

While it didn’t get any radio play,  I’ve always liked Turning Lane from his Who Is Mike Jones 2 mixtape.

If you want to see a silly acoustic guitar cover of Back then, well hey, here it is from some kid named DJ Hardesty:

That’s uh….561 words so far. I’m trying to write 1500 words every Saturday. (*Sips coffee*)Okay, cool, let’s keep going.

Since 2004, Mike Jones has come out with three albums and six mixtapes.

Runnin’ Tha Game in 2004.
King of the Streets in 2006.
Running 4 President 2k8 in December 2007.
Self Made in 2008.
Back Ballin’ Underground in 2013.
Money Train in 2015.

Who is Mike Jones? in 2005.
The American Dream in 2007.
The Voice in 2009.

And to be announced some time in 2017…the namesake of this article…Where is Mike Jones?

TV &Movie Roles

While I did watch the first two seasons of Prison Break back in 2006, I don’t remember Mike Jones being in it. But hey, Wikipedia said he played C-Note’s brother-in-law named Darius, and Wikipedia never lies. I mean, once I read it, I can remember it a tiny bit, but….

I tried to find any clips on Youtube or any mentions of it online, but, no dice.

Apparently he was also in a movie called Mountain Mafia in 2010, about a hillbilly mafia, also starring the Ying Yang Twins. But again, I couldn’t find any clips or references online aside from WIkipedia and IMDB. I mean, it could just be a typo. I’m thinking it was a feature they did for the easy money basically. We’ll shoot him a few tweets from our Moon Chimps twitter account once we publish this, maybe he’ll get back to us with a confirmation.

The American Dream Movie is definitely Mike Jones’ crowning achievement for TV and movie roles. But I didn’t see it lol, because it went straight to DVD. Here is the trailer from Warner Bros. I’m sure I’ll watch it at some point. It does look decent enough.

In 2013, Mike Jones went on Sway in the Morning to answer a few questions about his weight loss (AIDS?), his girlfriend cheating on him, and some issues he was having with his record contract.


Probably the most informative and interesting interview was actually from Mike Jones’s friend Slim Thug:

That’s another thing that changed me and made me not like fame and fucking with this Hollywood shit. I sat back and watched everybody jump on Mike Jones’ dick. I’m talking about everybody. Everybody! Not just fans. I’m talking about celebrities, basketball players, athletes, everybody was on Mike Jones’ dick man.

And then all of a sudden, they just changed on him. When I saw that, it woke me up man. The same motherfuckers who was dick riding, was hating. And it wasn’t even for no reason. So when I seen that I said you know what, fuck these people man. I don’t want to fuck with people like that. And I always kept a distance and kept my own lane and did what I did. That really taught me a lot.

We’re only at 1025 words so far….so…does anyone remember this song Mike Jones did with Lil Bow Wow, titled Fresh Az I’m Iz?

You know, when I started writing this article, I was excited to dig into the Mike Jones story and see what I’ve been missing. And then I realized he did have a hiatus in 2010 and 2011, which kind of fucked up the point of this article. But he did put out a decent amount of mixtapes, you can’t say he wasn’t working and putting out content. He wasn’t putting in the same hours as Soulja Boy, Gucci Mane, or Riff Raff. Not even close. But he was still doing something.  So that’s why I’d have to say he is not a one-hit wonder, and I think his next mixtape Money Train Reloaded and his album Where Is Mike Jones, when they come out, will be at least decent and worth a listen.

Money Train Reloaded was supposed to come out January 1st 2017 according to his website and twitter, but I guess they’re running a little behind schedule. What’s 2 months between friends, anyways? I’m still a fan Mike, don’t worry about the haters.

Does anybody remember I Got That Drank?

Still not 1500 words, eh? Alright, um…has anyone seen Mike Jones’ website? He doesn’t have any webcomics, but he has some tour dates listed:

what happened to mike jones

Son of a bitch, give me something to work with here. Come on Mike, I got 250 words left to write, give me a bone here.

Wait wait wait….he did have a pretty good single I forgot to mention on his Money Train mixtape called 3 Grams:

And….I found something very important on his website…

what happened to mike jones


You know what, maybe Mike Jones is the perfect VIP to help promote Moon Chimps Media.

All jokes aside, Mike Jones did have great music back in the day, his Money Train mixtape was great, and I’m sure Money Train Reloaded and Where is Mike Jones will both be great too.

Have fun out there,
-Moon Chimps Media

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